MotoNovo Finance

Finance is only available to persons aged 18 years or over, subject to status. Indemnities may be required. There are a number of benefits to you, the consumer, by organising your car loan through ABA Vans:

Once you have chosen your car we can organise your loan within 60 minutes - a true 'while you wait' financial service. Unlike personal loans or mortgages we secure the loan on the vehicle you purchase so our approvals are typically higher than high street banks.

Consumer Protection
All our financial agreements are Hire-Purchase loans, where the majority are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. This means we take an active interest in your satisfaction with the vehicle you are buying. As a customer of MotoNovo Finance you will also have access to a choice of insurance products that will protect your interests in the event of your car being written off or you being unable to meet your payments through illness or redundancy.

Fixed Payments/Fixed Interest Rates
Unlike most mortgages, credit cards or some personal loans the interest rate and monthly payment will not change during the term of the agreement. You feel secure in the knowledge that the payment you are being quoted is the one you will pay for the finance.

We have a range of financial loan products that maximise your affordability which means that you can get more car for your money.

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